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At “Visualsnap” creativity meets technical expertise. Our undying passion for good and artistic work can be seen in all our pre-wedding and wedding films and photographs where we strive to reflect the true personality and character of the couples themselves

When we frame someone within our camera, We analyze a whole magnitude of information; distractions in the background, how light falls on them, the quality of light and shadow on their face, the reflectivity of the scene, pose and body language, color and overall composition – and more depending on the conditions. Sometimes these things are within our control, but usually not without compromise in a live wedding environment. This is why having a professional approach to our photography is important to you and us.

Being perfectionists, we just wouldn’t feel right giving you anything that didn’t meet our own expectations.

We only use top spec equipment and this means we are always ready to handle any situation and achieve the best quality of photography for you. We don’t want a technical reason to ever get in the way of the image we have in mind for you.

We’re often told we’re very easygoing, accommodating and friendly. We will never take over your wedding day or boss people around. Our client feedback remains consistently one of praise.

We genuinely feel privileged to be working with couples on possibly the best day of their lives. We’d love to make you part of that experience as your wedding photographers and cinematographers.

Cinematographers from our team focus on providing a touching wedding film, which captures the true essence of the place, the couple and the event. The approach is a lot similar to our photo team in engaging as friends with the client and shooting the event unobtrusively.

It's always a great honor when couples come to us and say that we are their dream wedding photographers or videographers. It's so humbling when we are told that they love our work. It feels like a great responsibility to deliver each time when people tell us

Team Visual Snap.


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